skin treatments

The Diamond Brightening Facial - 50 minutes, $235

  • Revitalizes , Brightens , & Soothes

Enhance your skin with our luminous and most popular facial. The Diamond Brightening System by Natura Bisse' will kiss your skin with just the right kind of glow. This invigorating treatment provides a cocktail of pure lavender, essential collagen, stimulating peptides, and energy infused glycolic that will leave your skin looking and feeling make-up optional. 

The Champagne Facial by Babor - 50 minutes, $179

Indulge with this refreshingly hydrating facial and a glass of Champagne! This facial includes the luxurious aroma of rose, along with a gentle effervescent enzyme and calming finishing mask that absorbs into your skin, leaving your skin fresh and plump all day long.

Natura Bissé - The Citrus Essence Facial - 50 minutes, $155

Quench your thirsty skin with this antioxidant- rich facial. Using pure Vitamin C aromatherapy, nutrient-rich mask and peptide enhance toning serums and moisturizes, you'll walk out the door feeling invigorated and refreshed to take on the day looking your best. 

Microdermabrasion Facial by IS Clinical - 50 minutes, $199

Rejuvenate and renew your skin with the impressive process of microdermabrasion. Let our Aestheticians customize the perfect  balance of exfoliation and hydration to aid in scaring, uneven skin tone, or acne. We provide your skin essentials so you can relax and simply enjoy the results. 

Natura Bissé - The O2 Relax Facial - 50 minutes, $155

Gift your skin with a breath of fresh air. This pure oxygen treatment is great for adult- acne, as it re-energizes cellular function and gently exfoliates to renew clarity, giving your skin the deep hydration you'll be soaking up for days to come. 

Carboxi-Express By Natura Bisse' - 25 minutes, $125

A perfect lunch time peel for those on the go. Using 5 AhAs, this triple exfoliating treatment will produce unprecedented results, leaving your skin extraordinarily soft and illuminated in just 30 minutes! 

Organic Clean Teen by Kypris - 25 minutes, $125

This Organic facial for teens is as clear as it gets. During the service, we use detoxifying clay paired with soothing steam, followed by some gentle extractions. We also go through proper at-home skin care to ensure optimal results so break-outs become a thing of the past. 

Please don't forget to ask about our back treatments as well!