Our massage therapists have been trained in a variety of modalities that include Swedish, deep tissue, injury treatment, pregnancy, post-partum, foot reflexology, myofascial release, and lymphatic drainage. Your massage will be customized according to therapist evaluation and your specific request. 

Aromatherapy Massage - 50/80 minutes, $125/$165

Basic Massage (no aromatherapy) - 50/80/110 minutes, $115/$155/$195

Pregnancy Massage - 50/80 minutes, $115/$155

A completely relaxing full-body massage using our safe but effective prenatal techniques and omega massage oil to relax those specific lower back muscles that are carrying that beautiful bump.

Hot Stone Massage - 50/80 minutes, $130/$175

The Hot Stone Massage is deeply relaxing and grounding. This massage uses heated river stones to loosen tight muscles and release tension. 

Express Massage - 25 minutes, $65

Focuses on problem areas of your choice.

Table Thai Massage - 50/80, $115/$175

The Table Thai massage includes deep stretching and meditative rhythmic pressure along the acupressure lines. This modality is great for anyone wanting to gain flexibility and increase energy flow. This is a deeply therapeutic and rejuvenating massage that allows you to lie comfortably in yoga clothes on the table.

Craniosacral - 50/80 minutes, $115/$175

The Craniosacral is a very gentle modality that has profound therapeutic and healing effects on the body, mind, and spirit.  It is a subtle, non-invasive therapy that addresses restrictions deep within a person’s body through a much softer hands on approach.

Lomi Lomi - 50/80 minutes, $115/$175

The Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that uses long fluid strokes creating a blissful paradise like session. Imagine the sensation of ocean waves and the wind from the sea.

Perfectly Pampered Foot Scrub/Massage - 50 minutes, $95

Pamper your hard working soles with a luxurious treatment that will leave them feeling like new. Your feet will be exfoliated and nourished with one of our signature scrubs. A skilled therapist will then gently work the reflex areas of your feet. Foot pain will be alleviated, your internal organs will function better and your entire body will feel rejuvenated. A calf massage will loosen up tired muscles and release any toxins that were broken up.